Mumbai: To stop the direct flow of sewage into the sea, the Mumbai Port Trust has proposed construction of a Rs.9 crore sewage treatment plant (STP) on its land parcel in Wadala (E) near Tejas Nagar, MbPT Colony. After the construction of the plant, the Port proposes to sell this treated water to the oil refineries nearby for industrial use, said an official from the trust. He said, “We have sent a proposal to Bharat Petroleum and are awaiting a reply.”

According to the Port, the plant will have the capacity to treat 3 mn litres of sewage daily (MLD). “90% of non-potable water can be regenerated from plant. Initially, this water will be utilised in gardens and for non-drinking puposes, like washing. Once the oil refineries show an interest, it will be provided to them,” said the official. The entire project is estimated to cost `17 crore, with `8 crore being set aside for operation and maintenance.

The official said, “A tender has been floated for the STP, the due date for which was initially December 6, 2018. But as some bidders have queries, it is being extended by 10-15 days. The bidder will have to construct the plant and then undertake operation and maintenance for 10 years.” To execute the project, the contractor must first undertake the 300-metre pipeline work, passing below the railway tracks of Wadala station and Tejas Nagar society.

He said, “Since port trust offices and residential colonies are dispersed, it is impossible to collect sewage from all these places. So, it’s decided 3 MLD waste from Wadala (W) sewer pumping station will be treated at the proposed plant in Wadala (E). To carry the sewage from the pumping station, we have proposed a 50-metre pipeline below the four railway tracks. We are seeking permission from the railways for the same. The other 250-metre pipeline will pass below the Tejas residential colony.”