Sustainable Lifestyles

We have always succeeded in business by offering Consumer , Municipalities, Industries another way, a better way and being willing to fight their corner.

One thing has remained true; our belief in the power of entrepreneurship and innovation to help us rise to the new challenges that we all face.

Our lifestyle is the way that we choose to live our lives – the things we buy, the things we believe – it is who we are. As global citizens we want to provide people with products and services that will help them to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. Our lifestyle not only impacts others but also the planet. Living a more ‘sustainable lifestyle’ is about making more responsible choices (Is this my lowest carbon option? Will this be fair to people? Am I using the planet’s resources responsibly?). So far, a sustainable lifestyle has been associated with sacrifice or compromise, giving up the choice and freedom we currently enjoy. Steps’s vision is the opposite of this. We believe that living sustainably doesn’t have to mean cutting back or frugality, and responsibility shouldn’t be dull or difficult.

We believe that we have a part to play in making this a reality and so our vision for sustainability within the Steps Group is: “to make a credible contribution towards sustainable lifestyles whilst meeting or exceeding the expectations of our staff, customers and other stakeholders”.

We’ve set out our manifesto of how we plan to make this happen:

Get low carbon: Strive to emit minimal carbon and other greenhouse gases.

1 planet not 2: Learn to use the planet’s finite resources responsibly.

We are all equal: Work towards poverty alleviation and the fair treatment of all individuals.

Wellness: Offer products and services that enhance emotional and physical wellbeing.

Inspire the change: Show that change isn’t dull or involving sacrifice – think of what we gain not what we give up. We have to create desire.

Have a voice: We can’t solve everything but we can use our voice for good, by contributing to the debate and helping to take things forward.

In everything we do we are using this manifesto to help ensure that in the future our customers can continue to enjoy their lifestyles; to travel, to communicate and to relax, safe in the knowledge that Virgin is acting responsibly on their behalf.